Silver Judaica – First thing First

Part 1 of 2 about Silver Judaica Artifacts

The use of silver in crafting embellished pieces of art can be traced back in the cycles of history with a host of artists combining Jewish art with silver. The religious creations like Kiddush cups, Hanukkah candle-burn lamps, unique decorations of the Torah, and a number of judaica items have become the integral part of Jewish culture that are manifested in almost every Jewish home.

Art, whether in the form of literature, painting or any other object, is referred to as Judaica if it is associated with the Jewish religion. So silver Judaica, as the name itself implies, will stand to mean any piece of art which is made up of silver. Silver judaica has a long history and is treated as the Jewish gift for people living across the globe. Therefore, as the religion spread out in various parts of the world, silver judaica has become a most demanded object not only as a religious object but also as an antique item.

In general the products associated with judaica include Mezuzzot, Wine decanters, Besamin, vases, Silver Menorahs, Etrong Boxes, jewelry, sculptures and different paintings. All these products are made up of sterling silver, an alloy of silver combined with other metals. It is worth-mentioning here that pure cannot be used for crafting objects because it is too soft to be given any strength.  So copper is used just for the sake of obtaining ductility in silver, not to debase the actual beauty of this precious metal.

A known silver judaica artists are the famous Hadad Brothers, that creates beautiful sterling  silver artifacts  that are all themed according to the Jewish religion. You can see one of the samples here below:

This is a Silver Menrah, themed by the kotel – the wailing wall in Jerusalem:

Sterling Silve Menorah