Welcome to jJudaica.com’s Jewish Blog, the blog of Hamsa and Kessef Group; a Chain Store located in various locations in Israel, among them Jerusalem, Modi’in and Ma’ale Edomim.

jJudaica.com holds the finest products, of well known companies and top brand names. As we demand the best for our customers, we require the same from our suppliers, to meet our top standard and high expectations of service and quality control.

Since 1997, when the Hamsa and Kessef group established, we have served thousands of customers, which we have all ways driven to reach their request and demands. Many of our clients origin is from countries over seas: United States, United Kingdom, France, Argentina, and other European and American countries from all over the globe. We were actually conducting sales and shipments to those countries for years, but now we are willing to commit to those customers that haven’t came to Israel (yet…).
jJudaica.com head office and warehouse is located in Kenyon Malcha, Jerusalem. as jJudaica.com sees itself as part of the Jewish community in Jerusalem, we promote and benefit to the Jewish education, schools, and collaboration with Three synagouges concerning to the Kehila.

jJudaica.com is driven to reach your high standards, and will always make best of any suggestions,
comments and requests, that any of our site viewers might suggest.

jJudaica Team, thank you for your time of reading about our organization.